Alpha Chi Couture

Fashion Show and Silent Auction

February 21, 2020 | 6:30–9:30 PM | Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G.)

The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega invite you to join us in the movement
to bring hope and opportunity to victims of domestic violence. 

Ticket Sales for our 2020 event are live. Thank you for joining us!





Alpha Chi Omega supports victims of domestic violence nationally. Alpha Chi Couture locally benefits Genesis Women's Shelter, One Love Foundation, and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.

We have been honored to support these organizations over the years.


"I Couture because Love is trustworthy, affectionate, and selfless.
It should never be painful."

- Vivian


Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G.)
1807 Ross Ave, Dallas, Texas 75201


alumnae chair

Stacey Farrell

collegiate chair

Taylor Turner

alumnae committee

Monique Nianekeo
Jana Oskoui
Brittan Bailey Richardson
Aubrey Richardson
Gayle Schneider
Marti Shew
Meredith Walksi
Erica Wilson

Megan Baker
Sarah Blettner
Kimberly Daniell
Lauren Goble
Alissa Kaiser
Kaitlin Kelley
Lauren Miller
Molly Murer


collegiate committee

Amanda Merrill
Julia Nolan
Erin O’Neill
Caroline Presson
Olivia Ramirez
Hannah Rich
Macy Stabno
Alexa Vickaryous
Hannah Webb
Morgan Williams

Sophia Brinkley
Hadley Bushonville
Lindsey Carrier
Katherine Delony
Remington Giller
Maggie Holcombe
Rebecca James
Madison Leyens
Mini Lyons

host committee

Yvette Martinez
Joan Mason
Susan McLendon
Kristi Mills
Deborah Montonen
Andrea Morin
Molly Murer
Chandra Payne
Amy Powers
Brittan Bailey Richardson
Lisa Rogers
Gayle Schneider
Marlene Small
Megan Steinbach
Stacey Underwood
Allison Venuto
Erica Wilson
Natalie Yezbick

Sarah Blettner
Heather Carrio
Donna Chereck
Rhonda Cowie
Alyssa Daigle
Susan Evans
Stacey Farrell
Kori Whitener Fellows
Elizabeth Gambrell
Suzanne Grisham
Cameron Gummer
Mary Alice Heckman
Anita Hubbard
Alissa Kaiser
Abigail Kelly-Smith
Stephanie Kyllo
Fran Maddox
Jennifer Marsh
Sarah Marshall